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For Today, Just Begin!

That's what I did. Two years ago I embarked on a journey to follow my passion and live my dreams. I’d done it before: traveled around the world, danced, studied and lived abroad, learned kite surfing, diving, skiing, etc. But I did not have a dream job; I did not even know what that could be.

We tend to look for jobs that we can be good at, but not for those that can make us--as well as the world we live in--good. I was always interested in self-development, and coaching was popping up in my head, along with many other ideas. Even when I started coaching training two years ago, I was not convinced it was going to be my full time job. “Just that?” I thought. At the same time, I needed a change, to be with like-minded people, breathe fresh air... so I started it. Today, two years later, it is still not my full time job--and, I know now, it won’t be. It is because along the way I got into many other interesting things, like mindfulness, yoga, leadership development, and so on. I met people who inspired me to try and create something new, which again changed my life slightly: I got to know myself better and started to be more aware of the choices I made, choices that are more aligned with my values and purpose. The journey of self-awareness led me to more a fulfilling life. It all started with signing up for one course. Sometimes we believe that we must have it all figured it out before we even begin. We expect it to be as financially stable as the job we are in today and pay all the bills right away. So we get stuck and we don’t move; we don’t try and we don’t breathe the fresh air. I hear it a lot in my coaching: “I don’t know what could that be. It’s just a hobby and it won’t pay my bills anyway. And I am not sure if I deserve to have a fulfilling job, which could also be my passion.” Yes, you do deserve it! But no one will just give it to you. You will need to look into yourself to find it and then work hard to make it happen, overcoming your own fears. That’s still nothing compared to the breakdowns, burnouts, depression, the time spent in meaningless jobs, and the lack of purpose and energy in your daily life. It’s hard work, but the reward is great. You’ll feel alive, happy, fulfilled, energized and living on purpose. There is a magic in not knowing what next. I am sure there is something you love doing, something that makes you feel alive, that you are curious about... something you dreamt of doing but never dared to try. Don’t analyze if this can make you rich. For today, just begin!

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