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“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

- Rumi

Living a life you want starts with a DREAM.  DARING opens a door to a place full of possibilities.  DOING is stepping through that door.


All of us have dreams, but not all of us find a way to live them.

The first step to realize your dreams is to listen to them – to what they have to say about your life, your hidden desires, your heart's longing, and your passions. Then comes daring to change your life so that the dream is possible. The bigger the dream, the bigger the dare.  

It takes courage to make your dreams come true.

Whatever you can dream, you can do it.


If you read this, you have already made the first step! You have dared. Most of us live in a familiar and safe place called a comfort zone. If you want to live your dreams, you need to step out of your comfort zone. This is where the growth and fun begins. It is unfamiliar, challenging, even scary, but also very rewarding and fulfilling. Are you ready to go there? Are you committed to do it?


Results come from action. Take the first step. Better today than tomorrow. Imagine, what we would have missed had all the genius stayed in our heads. The greatest idea, as long as it’s kept only in your mind, is worthless. Start with a one step at the time and do it. Once you commit and take the first step, your heart, soul, mind and body are integrated and focused on achieving your goals.

I don't work with people who have problems.
I work with people who have DREAMS.


You know that you can do so much more. Live a life with impact and fulfilment, with greater ease, calm and joy. Be the true leader. Dream bigger. Be extraordinary. Create and live the life you want.


I have the privilege to work with amazing people, who are smart, passionate, curious and idealistic.

I work with leaders from all levels, across the globe who follow their own dreams and, by doing so, change their lives and the world. 

My clients are extraordinary people just like you. Sometimes they face real struggles as well. Just some of the issues we’ve worked through include:

 - Having a dream but feeling stuck

 - Life seeming fine on the outside, but having strong feelings of conflict on the inside

 - Having a relationship but missing connection

 - Being smart but not knowing how to integrate your wisdom with your heart and intuition

 - What to do with a successful but unfulfilling career

 - Having a gift but struggling on how to use it

 - Corporate vs entrepreneurial life

 - How to be a true leader

 - Time management and prioritisation in life

 - Living abroad and cultural awareness


- I offer three or six month long individual coaching programmes

- Typically two sessions a month, 45 or 60 minutes each

- We meet in person (in the Zurich area), online or over the phone

- I coach in English, German and Polish


Contact me for a free initial consultation to see if we are right for each other.

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