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"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others."

– Peace Pilgrim

Yoga for me is a journey into yourself, connecting with what is within and accepting who you truly are. The personal journey of yoga can start either on a yoga mat, through meditation, through dance, travelling solo, or in any other way which connects you with yourself and creates awareness. Yoga practice teaches you to be fully present, so that you feel your body and you know when to let go and when to push yourself a bit more. 

Through the openness of body and mind, you get inside of what is present, not only in that moment in a yoga class, but also in your life. Your body stores all emotional experiences and a mindful yoga practice is a channel for the unfolding of feelings. By simply noticing and being aware of sensations in your body, you start to create a deeper connection with yourself. If you connect and accept yourself as you are, not only do you feel in balance, but also, you start to go deeper into your practice. You move it from the mat into your daily life, and that is, what I call yoga.

My journey with practicing yoga started in London in 2010. As for many of you, I just went one day to a yoga class, unaware of what yoga really is. It took me few classes to get hooked and to try more.  

Yoga is a very personal experience and I strongly believe that everyone will benefit the most from classes with a teacher you feel the most comfortable with. The teacher's role is not only to guide you, but also to create a field for all of that which needs and wants to unfold; a self-loved and more connected you.

CLASSES OFFERED IN ZURICH - Vinyasa Flow Yoga in English:

At the moment I offer only private lessons in Zurich. Please contact me directly for more info.


- 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training, PopUp Yoga, Zurich

- Pranayama Intensive, Yoga Studium, Zurich

- 100h Meditation and Ayurveda, Sampoorna Yoga, India

- Various workshops with Nico Luce and Adam Husler, Zurich

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