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"Being coached by Ania is an intense experience. She sees deep inside, establishing a powerful connection, and utilises her insightful intuition to guide you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. If you’re ready to be challenged to become the very best version of yourself, then Ania is the coach for you.""

- Dan, CEO and Business & Brand Consultant

"Ania's coaching helped me realise the limits I had set for myself on what is possible in my life. Through her questions, and curiosity I started to realise what my dreams are and importantly put some actions in place to help make them happen. I will recommend Ania to others who want to be braver and go after what they really want in life. Thank you!"
- Sally, Edinburgh

"Ania is an excellent coach! I felt greatly motivated by her coaching. Ania will help you break through any limitations you impose upon yourself. I highly recommend Ania, especially if you feel stuck and want to get a new perspective on the challenge at hand. She helped me to see my way of thinking in a new light. Thank you Ania!"

- Insurance Executive, Switzerland

"Ania has a powerful, compassionate and fun style of coaching. She saw into me deeply and from here, helped me achieve huge insight and impact."

- Sam, HR Director

“Ania is a great coach! She asks the right questions at the right time. It is amazing how she equips you with the strength and force that lies within you but you never realised that it was there in the first place.  

Thanks to Ania I finally live according to my ideals and values and I observe each day how many good changes happen as a result of that. After the coaching sessions I feel so positively lifted and that feeling lasts.

So I warn you! Her optimism and hunger for life is contagious ;)”

- Sandra, Illustrator 

“I had the pleasure of coaching with Ania regarding my career choices as a gifted individual.

Ania's input and guidance resulted in being invited to interviews for jobs where I could be a fit. Her understanding my struggle to fit in a work environment; helped me to find positive avenues to deal with the stress until I find a more suitable position. It also organised my thoughts around selecting jobs. She also made me feel good about being gifted. She grasps what I said very quickly; which is not commonplace with general society. That helped a great deal. I definitely recommend her services for gifted individuals.” 

Erica, South Africa

„Als ich meinen ersten Termin bei Ania vereinbart habe, stellt ich mir bis zu unserem ersten Treffen die Frage, ob mich ein Lifecoaching wirklich weiterbringt oder ob ich mein Geld anders investieren sollte.

Ania hat mich angenehm überrascht. 

Sie ist ein sehr feinfühliger Mensch und hat es geschafft, mich meine selbst gesetzten Grenzen erkennen zu lassen und diese aufzulösen. Durch Ihre Coaching habe ich einen neuen Blickwinkel auf mein Leben gewonnen, den ich nicht mehr missen möchte. Dafür danke ich Dir sehr!!!”

- Evelyn, Art Director, Switzerland



“Going through the journey of the meditation series “Wholeness in U” with Ania Sumara during the Pandemic period was no less than life-saving.

First, it helped me set the routine and start my day with positive intention, grounded and connected to myself. Every day there was a new deep focus and a gentle guidance offered by Ania. As we went deeper in the process, I could stay connected to myself, aware of my feelings for longer period of times. During the practice and often through the day I feel whole: my body, mind and spirit are more connected now.

I am grateful for Ania’s generous offer, her ability to hold space, guide us with her voice and energy and support the participants in transforming observations into insights.

I would recommend Ania to anyone who is into discovering ways for deeper truth, authenticity and connection with themselves.”

- Dina Goncharova, Leadership Coach

"I have been meditating on daily basis with Ania for the last 8 weeks. I am not new to meditation but the experience I’ve been having recently, through Ania’s guidance, has been so powerful and different than anything I’ve done before. Her calmness, openness, generosity, creativity, and ability to create a safe space among a group of people, has allowed me to discover a whole new way of connecting to myself while knowing I’m being held with compassion and trust. What I love most is that every session is so unique, and I get to explore different ways of being connected to the depth of who I am and the innate power that lives within me. Our morning meditation sessions have become an integral part of my daily routine and it came at the perfect time with all the uncertainty and chaos that we are currently living in. I feel I’m able to focus more; to ride through stressful periods with more ease; have better awareness of my emotions, and I’m getting to enjoy a deeper relationship with those around me. Thank you Ania for helping me become a better version of myself."

- Ghida B., Executive & Leadership Coach

“Regardless the lockdown and closed borders, Ania was taking me everyday for another exciting adventure with her meditation sessions. She was guiding me on this most important journey into oneself. Every morning I was travelling somewhere else and exploring new things about myself, my mind and my feelings. Sometimes it was very exciting and thrilling, other days it felt uncomfortable and challenging, but at the end of the day I could let go and just be present. Ania’s soothing voice helped me to get through this unprecedented time and now that our journey is coming to the end I’m sure I’m gonna miss it a lot. These morning sessions were part of my daily routine and most importantly a landmark in my search for purpose and meaning. I was not only calmer after each session, but also excited about what the coming day has to offer and where I will arrive this time. Using mix of different techniques Ania helped us to center ourselves, to be grateful and to appreciate what we already have. The fact that I was not alone there, and I could always talk openly about my experiences was very comforting and encouraging. It helped me to open up and I met really great people. Thank you Ania! Namaste!”

- Maria G., Chief Compliance Officer

“Anna, (or Ania as I like to call her) is a wonderful leader and coach. She is generous with her skills and time. She deeply cares about emerging the best out of people.

In particular, she is an excellent facilitator of meditation. Her style and approach of focusing on awakening wholeness is impactful. It creates a connection between the inner world and the outer one. This is not something I have explored before and Anna has helped me journey to a place where I can become the explorer of it.

Ania comes highly recommended. I will continue to work with her and join her mediation groups. Not forgetting the coaching as well.” 

- TC Gill, Co-Active® Business Agility Transformation Lead

"Until now, meditation was known to me only by hearing. When Ania invited me to the group during the lockdown, I eagerly joined. As I have been struggling for some time with various topics in my private and professional life: It seemed to me that maybe here I can find a hint on how to get out of a rut. 
In the process of meditation and focusing only on myself, I discovered a huge, soothing peace, the ability to organize my thoughts and the realization that all answers and acceptance are within us. After each session, my relaxed body and mind were a great relief and so I have become calmer and more aware of the situation I was in. Since then, the new experience of being 100% present at a given moment and surrendering to intuitive actions, has become my daily challenge on the way to inner truth, joy, and peace.
I have been silencing my own inner voice for a long time and after meditating with Ania, I felt that I was beginning to have contact with my own "I" who had been wandering alone in the chaos for so long.
Thank you, Ania, for this great opportunity."

- Ewa, Architect, Austria

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