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Awaken Wholeness in U     
Morning Meditation and Embodied Mindfulness Practice   

Connect with your inner wisdom and welcome grounding, ease and joy into your daily life.

This four-week long program is a chance for us to come together and, through embodied mindfulness and breathing practice, re-connect with the wisdom of our body and being--much needed now in these intense times. 


  • Daily morning online live sessions of 45 min (Monday to Saturday) for a period of four weeks

  • Set of guided morning practices designed and based on wisdom from neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and embodiment (20-25 min of a guided practice, followed by group sharing, reflection and small exercises). Research shows that        12 minutes of daily mindfulness can significantly improve a person’s general sense of well-being and stress reduction. 

  • Connect with others (we need others to co-regulate and therefore build resilience) in open, friendly and inviting space


  • Build a NEW HEALTHY DAILY ROUTINE or work on your discipline

  • Start a day with POSITIVE INTENTION and GROUNDED

  • Create more SPACE in your daily life

  • Experience being PRESENT

  • Connect with you mind, body and spirit and bring it into alignment

  • Meditate daily (but it hasn’t worked so far) to experience the benefits of a daily practice

  • Start your day by connecting with an INSPIRING GROUP OF PEOPLE in an open-minded space


  • Become aware of different sensations and feelings in your body and their meaning >> improve your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 

  • Find time to reflect about your life in a structured way and find answers in your search for PURPOSE AND MEANING

Voices about the program from the last edition:

  • “I feel whole: my body, mind and spirit are more connected now.”

  • “I’m able to focus more; to ride through stressful periods with more ease.”

  • “I have better awareness of my emotions, and I’m getting to enjoy a deeper relationship with those around me.”

  • "I am not only calmer after each session, but also excited about what the coming day has to offer and where I will arrive this time.”

  • “I discovered a huge, soothing peace, the ability to organize my thoughts and the realization that all answers and acceptance are within us.”

  • “The way to inner truth, joy, and peace."

  • “Going through the journey of the meditation series “Wholeness in U” with Ania during the Pandemic period was no less than life-saving."


For more testimonials, click here.

Date: February 15th - March 13th, 2021

Time: 7:00 – 7:45 am CET (daily Monday to Saturday)

Location: Zoom

Price:  CHF 250

If you have a difficult financial situation, there are five spaces with a discounted price. Please contact me for more details.  

Seats are limited. Register here by February 14th, 2021.

From DREAM to DO


You have a dream. Maybe the dream is so big that you’re paralyzed from taking action. Or maybe it gets lost in the hectic din of your daily life. But you still feel it there, calling you to a fuller life than you’re living today. How do you start the journey to realizing that dream? 

This experimental program helps dreamers to become a person who dares and does.

During the program you are going to build awareness of who you are. You will connect with yourself and tap into your deeply rooted potential. You will learn to overcome self-sabotaging voices and listen to your inner wisdom.

The format includes four sessions over a period of four months and small assignments in between the sessions. Together we will:

  • Realise your dream. What is really your dream and how to find a courage to live it.

  • Break down your limitations. Leave you comfort zone, connect with yourself and one another.

  • Acknowledge the voices inside you. How do you sabotage yourself and what is the opposite force hidden in you.

  • Dream big. What is your land of endless opportunities and potential and how to get there.


The program requires attendance at all four session and completion of homework. As a group of individuals, you are going to be present for each other, witness and support each other in this self-realisation journey in a kind and loving way.

It might be provocative, fun, scary, eye-opening and challenging. Are you ready to?

Voices about the program from the last edition:

Unlock your dreams and deeply rooted potential of your authentic self by embarking a journey of self-discovery accompanied by other like-minded individuals who will be sometimes be your fellow travellers, sometimes guides and sometimes the manifestation of what lies deep in you.”

Unexpected learnings in situations with other people.”

Put me very much out of my comfort zone and I liked that a lot.”

“An interactive, inspiring, challenging at times, full of laughter and unexpected discoveries.”

“It is like putting a mirror in front of me and not be shy to see who I really am.”

 “Eyes opening. Calm. Blissful.”

“Awesome and enlightening on a journey to self-realisation.”

“An ambience of trust, support and joy. Playful and powerful.”

"Not all was clear immediately, but it worked wonders on the subconscious as if my whole body know we were on the self-improvement programme. We bravely shared our life purpose among each other at the end and it was amazing to see how others were beaming with joy and feeling proud for one another. I will not forget this.”

Who is the program for:

“Anyone, who believes that there is more in life for us.”

“People, who hesitate, question themselves, in need of inspiration; those, in stagnant stage of life.”

 Anybody, who likes to discover new facets in their personalities.”

Date and Time: tbc 

Location: tbc

Price:  CHF 600

The price includes:

- Four group sessions

- One individual coaching session

Max number of participants: 12

Click here to register for this event.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

– Rumi

What a Rubik’s Cube Can Teach You about Your Life?



Imagine your life as a Rubik’s cube. Each of the surfaces represents one important aspect of your life. If you solve the Rubik’s cube, then your life is in balance and you are satisfied with it. How long will it take you to solve the Rubik’s cube? The minimum number of moves needed to solve any Rubik’s cube is 20 and if just randomly start turning the pieces, you have over 43 quintillion possible configurations. Clearly, there must be a way of solving it with closer to 20 moves.  How do you even start with that?

In a playful way we are going to:

  • Experiment and explore the ways of solving the Rubik’s cube

  • Define important factors which will help you with solving the Rubik’s cube

  • Reflect on your own strategies and blind spots when solving your cube

  • Identify the environment of your Rubik’s cube


The workshop is addressed to anyone who:

  • Feels stuck in life and do not know how and where to start

  • Would like to change their life but it is too busy to find a time to do that

  • Is ready and open to exchange with others about creating a fulfilling life and wants to have some fun


Date: Saturday, 02.03.2019

Time: 13:30 - 17:00

Location: Kernstrasse 25, 8004 Zurich

Bring your own Rubik’s cube if you have one.

Max number of participants: 10

Click here to register for this event.

The Power of Connection

“To become a leader, you first have to become a human being.” Peter Senge

Respect beings in connection to others. Empathy is the ability to imagine yourself in another person’s situation. It means being connected to one another and that requires connecting with yourself first. When you have a deep connection with others, it’s almost impossible to treat them badly (except unintentionally). True connection requires respecting each other and seeing each other as humans who make mistakes and accept that.

But how to get there? How to build a deep connection with your colleagues, and--what’s even more important--how to reconnect with yourself?

During the session, you are going to explore questions such as:

  • Why is it important to build connections with others in a workplace?

  • How does it feel to connect with yourself and with others?

  • What happens when you show your courage and vulnerability?

  • What is next for you?

The workshop is addressed for organisations and it is designed according to their needs.


Please contact me if you have any questions. 

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